Saptakoshi FM 90 MHz Nepal Live

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 Saptakoshi-FM-90 Live

Positioned in Ithari, Nepal, Saptakoshi FM 90 MHz is featuring all those programs of which the listeners can think. Within very short time span, Saptakoshi has captured a place in a radio field as a leading player. The transmissions broadcasted from the head office situated in Ithari 8; Sun sari, Nepal. Ithari included in the list of a beautiful location to stay. In addition, the inhabitants of this city are very collaborative and cooperative. The channel is executing the work under MHG Management.



The primary mission at which it is aiming is to aware people for their fundamental rights, promote knowledge and peace within the community. This English radio station has contributed a lot in making the Nepal a developed country. It works for the state cause as well as for the welfare of the society, and the channel is emerging as a creative one owing to its quality.


 Saptakoshi FM 90 MHz Programs

Constituted of music genres like hip hop, soul, r & B, Rock and country, Saptakoshi is seen due to the vast range and variety of music. With the touch of music beat, FM 90 MHz is perfectly ordered to let the listeners go crazy at it. Its target audience is 15-35 ages.

Guaranteed as an informative radio station, Saptakoshi operates non-stop music throughout the day. Encountering the capacity of 3000 watts, it telecasts live on-air programs from 5 AM to 12 PM. Along with the routine telecast, it on-airs news every hour. It also broadcasts topic breaking news enveloped with latest terminologies. The regular news telecast nationwide local subjects.


The secret of building a strong bonding and relationship with audiences lies in the performance of DJs and RJs. They render all the shows as per listeners’ request. They are dedicated to sharing the positive information and knowledge catering at large. The talented crew impart fantastic transmissions to attract an audience to have much more. The presenters of Saptakoshi FM 90 include:


Numbers Presenters
1 Archana
2 Bhairab Angla
3 Bishnu Prasad Niraula
4 Ishwari Mahat
5 Keshav Bhojpure
6 Laxmi
7 Niraj Bhandari
8 Nirmal Chaudhary
9 Rewati Niraula
10 Roshan Acharya
11 Sabin Poude
12 Sabina

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Saptakoshi is delivering its shows in:




Efficient in promoting the respect and culture, Saptakoshi is operating unique in terms of giving privilege to females and kids. It is communicating its concern in the topics of farming, development, industry, employment, education, control of resources, learning, cleanliness, standard, wellness, social and community consumers. At personal level, Saptakoshi is dealing well in considering democratic value, lifestyle and identification of personality. Hence, with the wide package at one platform is truly a source of inspiration for the audience.

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